About N+B

Hi everyone my name is Sharn and I am the creator and maker of all things  NILLY+BOOTH.  

By day I work in an office along beautiful St Kilda Rd in Melbourne and in my free time I love to create luxurious organic skincare and soaps. I was once a ‘professional’ student working towards my PhD in psychology, however, one existential crisis later and a desire to do what makes me happy, the organic handmade apothecary called NILLY+BOOTH was born.

I began my journey into all-natural soap and skincare almost 2 years ago now when I wanted to overhaul my chemical laden, synthetic, and down right not-good-for-your-skin beauty care products.  I began reading blogs and articles on anything and everything about natural skin care ... and that is how my obsession started.  The more I read the more I wanted to learn and experiment with my own homemade skin care, treatments and remedies.

Then one day I discovered the beauty of handmade soap and its wonderfully soothing and moisturising abilities. I had always been into crafts when I was younger so making beautiful artisan soap was a creative outlet that just seemed to call to me.  So after nearly a year and a half of experimenting and becoming, again, completely obsessed, I decided to start to sell my soap to others to share the wonder and luxury of using handmade soap.

NILLY+BOOTH was created for this purpose and along with my organic soaps I also have a complete skincare line that caters to all skin types and only comprising the most natural and beneficial ingredients.

I absolutely love making and creating organic products and that people love using them too! It is my goal that NILLY+BOOTH be completely handmade and to only use organic and natural ingredients that can be found in nature, nothing synthetic, no preservatives, no unnecessary fillers or additives, no animal testing, and only recycled, recyclable or reusable packaging. 

What's in a name? I get asked a lot where the name NILLY+BOOTH comes from.  The name represents a combination of my surname and my mother’s maiden name, shortened, tweaked and turned into NILLY+BOOTH. I wanted a name that represented my family, a name that every time I saw reminded me of how beautiful and supportive they are.  Even if my experiments sometimes made them think I was a little kooky!